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Slimline Rigid Computer Holder, Lockable Silver CPU-87S/L-SLIM (CPU-87S/L-SLIM)

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Substantial fixed bracket with lock and key. Designed to mount slimline PCs underneath desks.

The CPU-87LSLIM can lock PCs into position to prevent theft. Each CPU Holder comes with individual key to ensure multiple holders cannot be opened with one key.

Suitable for SLIM Line PCs. Bolts tighten securely to hold CPU safely in place. All CPU Holders are provided with screws and attachments.

Intented to hold slim tower PCs with the following dimensions:
Minimum Width: 50mm / 1.97"- Maximum Width: 110mm / 4.33"
Minimum Depth: 240mm / 9.45"- Maximum Depth: 370mm / 14.57"
Minimum Height: 240mm / 9.45"- Maximum Height: 400mm / 15.75"

Maximum Load Capacity: 35kg/77.16lb

Material: 1.5mm / 16 gauge Steel

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