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Braked Automatic Swivel Castor with 100mm/4" Narrow Blue Wheel W0985 (W0985-AUTO)

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Automatic self-aligning castor with wheel and brake.

Our new 100mm / 4 automatic castors with blue rubber wheels are a new and unique self-centering castor that swivel back to their original position when lifted off a surface.

To use, just lift your case and each castor will quickly return to their starting alignment, ensuring that you no longer need to manually spin them. This makes stacking cases faster, safer and require less hands.

Also available with 27mm / 1 wide tyres for easy rotation or with 36mm / 1.4 wide tyres for an enhanced load rating.
Carrying Weight per Wheel: 200kg / 440Lb
Works with Castor Plate W0094 and universal wheel plate W8980.

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